from these ashes Songs Remain The Same

welcome to hearing voices, a unique supernatural insane asylum site. we are a literate mature roleplay site with no word count.
04.05 - there is a new update to the rules which you can find here

25.04 - we love all the amazing new characters you guys are making, but we've noticed the ratios have become a little unbalanced, therefore we've created an encouraged & banned thread which you can find here. please keep a check on it, as it will be updated regularly.

20.04 - happy seven days! we have a new update here. keep being awesome!

13.04 - we're officially open! welcome one and all!

roll the credits
the site was originally founded by lisha, and all of the site plot, written rules and guides are credit to her. credit also goes to lisha for the skin and coding. the custom forum structure is credited to the amazing black of code. the header hover code was made by lisha with help from a tutorial by lauz of shine. toggle cbox credit to amb tanz from jcink. the graphics are credit to kirstie and her epic graphic skills. all character ideas are credit to the members who play them.

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I'm sorry to everyone that had created characters and was amazing. Unfortunately the admins are having to move on from this site, but we love you all and hope we can all stay in touch. Peace out.

Lisha, Kirstie & Heather
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